Where to Ride Your Bike

where to cycle in torontoWhere to Cycle in Toronto is the first step towards having fun on your bike. It is also a guide to maximize your riding experience. Here are some guidelines to consider.

Enjoy yourself

You will feel it while you are riding. Have fun! Bike riding in Toronto can make you tired or feel great, but if you don’t have fun, it’s a waste of time.

Get some cycling gear

As a novice cyclist, you’ll be sweating from the sweat of excitement before you get to your destination. You’ll also need something to help absorb sweat and protect your body from the sun.

Visit a bike store

Take your bike, a water bottle, and some snacks. Ride out to a bike store in Toronto, make sure to ask questions and sit down with an experienced cyclist. If you don’t find one, ask someone who has been cycling and they’ll probably help you choose the right gear.

See a fried

I’ve met many cyclists out in the city. There is something about Toronto that draws them together. They like the city, the weather, the people, the shopping and the great way of life it has to offer.

Cycle to Work

This is where your Toronto cycling exercise starts. Walk the short distance from your home to your TTC stop. Make sure to drink plenty of water and ride slowly. If you cycle to work, you won’t have a bad case of the munchies.

Explore the City

Bicycling is a great way to explore the city. Make sure you take the time to look around. Take a look at all the buildings on a dark overcast day and see how many cyclists are on the road. Find out what the city has to offer you. Explore the best places to eat, shop and drink. There are great places to bike and they are always happy to show you around. If you don’t want to ride a bike, take a bus or the subway.

Take a ride on the Gardiner Expressway

This route is an easy trip. If you are staying downtown, take a cab to Danforth or Cherry on your way to Union Station. You can bike over to Dundas West Station. Ride on the expressway and check out the shops along King Street.

Enjoy riding on a bicycle

You can spend a lot of time exploring Toronto on a bicycle. Try walking or taking the TTC. Biking is the best way to get around the city.

Ride the TTC

The TTC allows you to hop off and on the next stop as you like. When you visit new destinations, you can easily rent a bike and explore the whole trip. It can also save you money, as the bike is a lot cheaper than renting a car.

These are just a few of the tips for where to cycle in Toronto. There are lots more. So, cycle to your destination!